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Injured on the job due to falling objects, a crane accident, or another accident? Contact our Work Injury lawyers today!

Building Collapse

One of the most rare and catastrophic types of accidents that can occur at a construction site is a building collapse. Unfortunately,...

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Car/Auto Accident

Not all work-related accidents happen on a job site. If you drive during the course of your employment and you are injured...

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Crane Accidents

The construction of a multi-story building or a building with a unique design almost always requires a crane. While cranes have revolutionized...

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Demolition Accidents

Demolition always comes with risks, no matter how carefully risks are assessed and mitigated. Demolition not only involves dangerous explosives, it also...

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Electrocution Accidents

Electrocution accidents are among the most serious work-related incidents. Workers who suffer an electrocution on the job may face long-term:

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Equipment Accidents

One of the most dangerous elements on any construction site is heavy equipment. Any type of machinery or equipment can be dangerous...

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Falling Objects

Workers’ compensation can seem like a straightforward system: if you are injured in a workplace accident or suffer a work-related illness, you...

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Fires And Explosions

Any type of workplace accident can lead to catastrophic or serious injury, but fires and explosions are among the most devastating. Victims...

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Forklift Accidents

Forklifts are a common sight at warehouses, construction sites, factories, and other commercial and industrial settings. They are also one of the...

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Industrial And Manufacturing Accidents

Industrial and manufacturing workers face some of the most dangerous workplaces in Florida. The nature of these jobs exposes workers to a...

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Machinery Accidents

Many workers, especially those in construction, manufacturing, industrial, and skilled trade industries, use specialized machinery on a daily basis. While heavy machinery...

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Utility Worker Injuries

Utility line work is one of America’s top 10 most dangerous occupations. Every year, 30-50 out of every 100,000 utility line workers...

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Scaffolding/Ladder Accidents

While falls can happen at any workplace, construction workers are most at risk of fall injuries. Construction workers have the highest-risk job...

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Welding Accidents

Welders face an incredibly dangerous environment every day. Every year, half a million workers are hurt in welding accidents. Welding accidents can...

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