On November 1, the CFO of Florida announced that a major arrest had been made earlier in the day. Jimmy Patronis, the Chief Financial Officer for the State of Florida had been overseeing a lengthy investigation into several Florida companies. Authorities believed that these were shell companies who were stealing millions of dollars in a Florida workers’ compensation scheme.

When the arrests were announced, Patronis explained that a joint investigative team had been created to look into the matter. They found that, between August of 2018 and October of this year, the defendants had concealed more than $40 million in income to their workers’ compensation insurance companies. They were using shell companies to launder millions of dollars. In the meantime, they avoided paying more than $7 million in insurance premiums.

When the arrests were made, warrants were issued to search the business’ property. The team seized more than $218,000 in cash. They proceeded to name seven individuals in their arrest warrants and took them into custody. The names of the individuals have not been released. Neither have the names of the companies involved. 

The investigation into the Florida workers’ compensation scheme was conducted by several state departments. The Tampa Bay region joined the task force that had been created to handle the investigation. Homeland Security personnel and members of the Florida Attorney General’s office oversaw the matter They were joined by the Florida Division of Investigative and Forensic Services. Together, this group managed to track over 2 years of activity and find the evidence they needed to arrest the individuals involved.

HSI Tampa Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Michael Cochran, stated that they had been investigating the group long before they made the arrests.

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Source: https://www.wtsp.com/article/news/crime/florida-workers-compensation-fraud/67-7ddead2d-915b-4a56-bd23-ad695c381b14