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Slip and Fall

Reportedly, the most common type of work-related injury is usually the result of a slip and fall accident. The U.S. Department of Labor says that slips, trips, and falls that happen among employees make up 25% of all worker injuries, which often result in costly absences as well. A large portion of that percentage will also leave workers disabled in some capacity. In fact, according to The National Safety Council, there are about 110,000 injuries to the feet and toes of U.S. workers every year. This accounts for an astonishing 19% of all debilitating work-related injuries.

Filing Your Workers’ Compensation Claim: What’s Covered?

Benefits that are usually included in a workers’ compensation claim will normally consist of medical bill payments, out-of-pocket expenses (for necessary medical supplies and medication), and a significant percentage of wages. Only a small portion of wages is usually lost during any treatment and recovery period. Even if the claim was filed after the employee was rushed to a hospital or urgent care, workers’ compensation benefits should tend to all these related costs.

However, some circumstances can severely affect the status of your claim. If an employee was injured while intoxicated or while committing a crime, then the claim is in vast danger of being denied. Some states may even delay or deny a claim if the employee was injured while violating company rules, so prudency on the job is necessary.

How Can We Help Maximize Your Claim?

WorkInjuryRights.Com™, The Workers’ Compensation Firm, represents clients throughout Florida and provides free, confidential consultations. Their legal team’s reputation surpasses all other local competitors because they provide legal services for workers’ compensation claims on a contingency fee basis, meaning the client pays nothing unless the firm can secure a settlement or jury award on their behalf. The team at BHI understands being injured on the job lends a hand to enough stress, so they are dedicated to assisting their clients with all legal aspects of their injuries.

Allow our team to be your legal support system, and they will work diligently with you to secure the approval of your workers’ compensation claim.

Had a Slip and Fall (Trip and Fall) Accident? Contact WorkInjuryRights.Com™ today to learn more.

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