A man died in an industrial accident at a Tallyrand shipping dock in Jacksonville. The Tallyrand dock accident happened on Sunday afternoon, January 2nd. The man died after getting hit by a crane.

According to Sgt. Chris Stevens of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, a large crane bucket struck the man in the upper body. He was lowering a load of concrete material onto a vessel docked near the Jacksonville Port Authority on Wigmore Street and Talleyrand Avenue. The police said the occurrence appeared to be an accident, and it’s unclear if any charges will be filed.

The investigation into the Tallyrand dock accident is headed by the Coast Guard and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The man’s identity was not released, but Stevens said he was a direct employee of the shipping company. However, the dockside crane operator is not an employee but a private contractor.

The sheriff’s office said the ship belongs to a Turkish-based company. A news outlet reported that Sims Crane and Equipment was operating the crane at the accident time. The director failed to comment while the investigation was ongoing.

Workplace accidents can leave employees injured or cause their death. In either case, Florida law guarantees the worker or their family workers’ compensation benefits. This covers medical expenses, lost wages, and sometimes disability benefits for an injured employee.

For the deceased workers’ family, this covers death benefits, namely burial, funeral expenses, and lost future earnings. While employers are expected to pay this compensation without incident as long as the injury or death was work-related, they sometimes fail to do so. Where this happens, the worker or family denied workers’ comp could take legal action.

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Source: https://bit.ly/3KfOyMf