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WorkInjuryRights.Com is a team of attorneys and staff that are dedicated to giving each client quality legal service for worker’s compensation claims. With numerous offices throughout West Florida, our team is dedicated to providing personalized representation for workers who have been injured on the job in any type of accident. The firm represent clients in Tampa and throughout Florida and provides free consultations.

If you have been injured on the job please call our Tampa, Florida law offices at 954-324-COMP.

Injured & Need To File A Workers’ Compensation Claim

The legal services for workers’ compensation claims are on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay nothing unless we secure a settlement or jury award on your behalf.

With 30 years of collective legal experience, we are ready to take on your claim while providing the knowledgeable counsel you need. Several of our attorneys have previously represented insurance companies in workers’ compensation claims. We know their tactics and their mindset. Your employer and their insurance company have an attorney working for them, and so should you. Our dedicated team of trial attorneys is prepared to take your case to trial, if necessary.

The firm provides the highest quality of legal specialization both inside and out of the courtroom. We represent only injured parties – never insurance companies.

File Your Claim Today To Preserve Your Rights

It is imperative that your report your injury or illness to your employer immediately in writing. All injuries sustained on the job need to be reported in writing to your employer within 30 days. This process will extend the time you have to make a claim for up to 2 years. The attorneys at WorkInjuryRights.Com will guide you through the entire claims process to address all of the necessary elements to filing a workers’ compensation claim to preserve the compensation you deserve.

Receive The Compensation You Deserve For Your Claim

Hiring an experienced workers’ compensation law firm to represent you and your claim is the most important step you can take towards receiving the compensation you deserve for your claim. The team at WorkInjuryRights.Com will ensure your claim application is complete and will take the lead in addressing all of the steps needed for a successful claims process. For more helpful tips for filing a workers’ compensation claim visit “Five Steps To Follow For Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits” or call us at 954-324-COMP for a free consultation.

Have An Experienced Orlando Workers’ Compensation Firm On Your Side

At WorkInjuryRights.Com, we understand how important these benefits are for you and your family in order to get you back on your feet and preserve your way of life; call us today for a free consultation to discuss your workers’ comp appeal at 954-324-COMP to speak with an attorney today.

Steps To Follow When Applying For A Workers’ Compensation Settlement in Tampa

So you have been the victim of a work-related accident or are suffering an illness due to prolonged poor working conditions? How do you receive the compensation you deserve for your suffering? Follow these five steps to ensure you preserve all of the necessary evidence to build your case.

Tip # 3 – Compile A List Of Witness To Your Injury, Your Work Environment And Any Evidence That Will Support Your Case

To review the five step process towards receiving workers’ compensation benefits in Tampa visit our workers’ compensation claims process or call us at 954-324-COMP for a free consultation.

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