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If you have been injured in a work-related accident, our number one priority is ensuring that you’re being treated fairly and receiving all the benefits you’re entitled to under state and federal law. At Work Injury Rights, we understand how to navigate the workers compensation system it is an honor to help you in this stressful time of need. 

Despite what your employer may say, there is a wide variety of workers compensation injuries that should be covered in the event of an accident. From common slip and falls or back injuries to more complicated cases such as asbestos exposure or catastrophic injury, we will take the time to listen and fight hard for our clients every time.

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Likewise, there are a wide variety of potential ways to become injured at work and it is important to document your injury and report it as soon as possible. In the event that your employer or their insurer rejects your workers compensation claim due to the accident cause, we are prepared to take over the negotiations on your behalf and fight for maximum benefits allowed under the law.

Not all work-related injuries occur on the job site or inside a remote office. Is quite common for insurers to initially reject perfectly valid claims due to the location that an accident took place. In these situations, proper documentation and swift action is critical to getting you the compensation that you deserve, and we will happily examine your situation to see if it should be covered.

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Our entire workers compensation team goes through a rigorous training program that’s 100% focused on our clients and simplifying the claims process every step of the way. Call us anytime you have questions or concerns on how to proceed, just give us a call or stop by one of our South Florida office locations.

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Being injured at work and having to navigate the workers compensation process alone is very frustrating, especially if your initial claim is denied. We take our commitment to our clients seriously and work hard every day to earn your trust and respect throughout the claims process so you can focus on getting better.

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Our workers compensation practice is built on traditional family values and the realization that injuries at work are difficult for everyone inside your household. That’s why our team takes the time to understand your situation and the preferred outcomes for your household. We genuinely care about our clients.

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With almost a century of combined attorney experience, WorkInjuryRights has extensive insight into the workers compensation landscape and how to achieve favorable results. We know Florida law inside and out to help you receive favorable results in a timely manner.  You can learn more about our team here.  

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Our attorneys have a true passion and dedication toward Florida workers’ compensation law, with ample experience defending insurers and employees alike. We serve the entire state of Florida with bilingual attorneys that are ready to take on your case and ensure that you’re properly compensated for your injuries. Call us today to learn more or click on the live chat to have an immediate conversation.


Si usted ha sufrido lesiones en un accidente de trabajo, la ley permite prestar asistencia médica y el pago del tiempo perdido en el trabajo. El sistema de compensación en el estado de Florida es un sistema estricto de responsabilidad, lo que significa que los trabajadores lesionados pueden tener derecho a los beneficios independientemente de quién sea el culpable del accidente en el trabajo.


With locations throughout Florida, our firm can be retained to represent any employee throughout the state that’s injured at work. We focus solely on workers’ compensation cases and our team can come to you in your time of need. Call or message us today to setup a complimentary case review.