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Not every injury that occurs in the workplace is the result of an accident, violence, or repetitive motions. In some cases, overexertion, which occurs when you do too many strenuous physical activities on the job, is the cause of your injury. Like other injuries, overexertion claims may be eligible for workers’ compensation.

If you have been diagnosed with an overexertion injury, contact our experienced workers’ compensation legal team at WorkInjuryRights.Com™.

How Does Overexertion Differ from Repetitive Motion Injuries?

Do not confuse overexertion injuries with repetitive motion ones. The latter occurs as the result of making the same movement repeatedly over hours and weeks. The former happens, for example, when a worker is forced to move wrong to keep their balance or perform other job-related duties. One quick, wrong motion and you have an overexertion injury that may keep you from doing your job without excruciating pain.

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim on Overexertion Injuries

If you have an overexertion injury caused by the strenuous, physical movements that you need to do every day in the workplace, then you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. You’ll need the help of an experienced lawyer to file a successful claim, as you may need doctor and hospital records, video footage of the incident, and other specific documentation to support your claim.

Do You Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

You may qualify for workers’ compensation if your overexertion injury occurred while on the job. To file a claim, you will need to contact an attorney immediately. At WorkInjuryRights.Com™, we offer free case evaluations to ensure you have the best legal team at your full disposal should you have a valid claim.

Suffering from an on-the-job overexertion injury? Contact WorkInjuryRights.Com™ today to learn more.

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